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About us


Thanks for viewing our webpage! We have a whole range of products that will make perfect gifts or a gift for yourself.  We are located along Guide Meridian in Bellingham, Washington.  

Stoneycreek was established in 2016.  Although a new company, the owners - Mark and Melissa - have been together for over 17 years.  We have traveled the world and experienced all sorts adventures together.  One adventure that resonated with us significantly was our trip to Murano, Italy.   

While in Murano, we witnessed glass blowing at its finest.  We toured many glass bowling studios and talked with multiple artists about the technique and what inspires them.  After our return to the states, we started looking around us for inspiration of our own.  We lived in Hawaii and there was natural beauty everywhere.  We took the inspiration and designed our own Murano-inspired art glass.  The final products featured in our online store as well as our retail shop are breathtaking pieces of art that are guaranteed to start a conversation.

The love of glass art spilled over into designing our own hand pipes and water pipe lines.  The use of color plays a vital part in all of our products.  Our Elefante line uses a cobalt blue to intensify your smoking experience.  

We would love for you to stop by the store in person or give us a call at 360-306-8252 to learn more about us.  We are always looking for new products and upcoming artists to feature in both our online and retail store.  We hope to hear from you soon! 


Mark and Melissa Ambler